• IBM PS/2 Keyboard Interface
  • 5 - 99 WPM
  • Adjustable sidetone frequency
  • Iambic A/B keyer with autospace
  • Farnsworth spacing
  • Adjustable weighting
  • Keying Compensation
  • First dit/dah compensation
  • PTT with adjustable delay
  • 2048 byte message memory
  • 12 memory slots
  • Buffers can be chained, called, or repeated
  • Programmable beacon delay
  • K1EL CW command language
  • 200 character type ahead buffer
  • HSCW and QRSS support
  • Serial number generator
  • Keyboard key paddle
  • Prosigns built in, or any two characters can be combined.
  • PCB Size is 3.5 by 1.75 inches
  • European character support
  • Extensive RFI filtering
  • LCD interface to 16x2 Hitachi HD44780 LCD Display
  • Rotary Encoder speed control
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Current K40 Revision is G
K40 Features

The K40 is a small low power CW keyboard that is packed with features. The single board design includes a PS/2 style keyboard connector, on board piezo speaker, circuitry to drive an off board speaker, low level audio output, an iambic keyer interface, and open collector PTT and Key outputs. Also included is an on board 5 volt regulator that powers both the K40 PC board and the PC keyboard. The K40 PCB kit includes two socketed PIC processors, EEPROM, all board mounted components, and a rotary speed control.

K40 CW Keyboard Kit SOLD OUT !

K40 Documents

K40 LCD Display

We offer an enclosure for the K40 that accepts the K40 PCB, an LCD display, and one accessory module. Click on the picture for more details.

16 character by 2 line LCD display with backlight. Fits K40 enclosure perfectly.
These are 100% functional used Optrex displays, not surplus, or factory seconds.


K40 LCD Display
for Repair - $15

K40 Revision for use with RTTY is F
K40 Chipset (2 PICs Rev G) $12
For upgrading an old kit

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