• Cypress PSoC Controller
  • Automatic speed locking from 10 WPM to 40+ WPM
  • 4 Pole Bandpass prefiltering
  • 4 Pole Bandpass filter internal to the PSoC I.C.
  • Fixed lock frequency at 690 Hz
  • Adjustable inter-letter spacing
  • Adjustable Gain
  • Adjustable Noise Filtering
  • 6 element LED tuning display
  • Board Size: 3.0" by 2.3"
  • and more !

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Current K40 CWR PSoC Revision is A
K40 CW Reader Features

The K40CW Board is a companion board to the K40 CW Keyboard Keyer which will allow you to decode and display CW on the K40's LCD display. The K40 CW Reader accepts audio from your receiver and decodes CW into digital serial data that is fed into the K40 for display. Power for the interface is tapped off the K40 PCB and there are three other connections between the boards. A new K40 PIC processor set is required to upgrade your K40 to the CW reader. Using Cypress PSoC based technology, the K40CW provides impressive copy for such a small device.

K40 CW Reader Module

K40 CWR Documents

Kit - $36 USD

Note that the K40 enclosure can only accomodate one interface module. There is only room for one and the K40 PCB is not capable of interfacing to more than one module. Different K40 firmware is required for each. The RTTY module runs with K40 rev F firmware while the CW Reader runs with K40 rev G firmware.

The chipset in the K40 must be upgraded to Revision G to support the K40 CW reader. You can do this one of two ways, first way is to send in the two PIC chips from your K40 back to K1EL with $2 to cover postage for a free upgrade. Second way is to order an upgrade chipset for $6.

When the K40 powers up it displays the firmware revision of the two PICs, they must both be vG to support the K40 CWR:

K40 vG
WK40 vG

Kit includes the PCB, all I.C.s and all board mounted components as shown.

K40 Rev G Upgrade - $12 USD
(2 PIC I.C.s)

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