Hosa TRS-201 1/4 inch TRS to Dual RCA Insert Cable
Available from Amazon and Guitar Center
Buy a USB A to B Cable from us for $3.00
K1EL WKUSB Cable Options

Three cables connect to WKUSB:

Paddle Cable: 1/8" stereo type
USB Cable Type: A to B
Keying Cable: RCA to radio keying plug

The paddle cable is probably already attached to your iambic paddle. If it is a 1/4" style you will need a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter

Any off the shelf A to B USB cable will work or you can buy one from us, reference the picture shown on the bottom right.

The keying jack on most radios is a 1/4" stereo phone type which accepts an iambic paddle input. Newer radios are now using an 1/8 inch key jack. WKUSB's output jack is an RCA receptacle. Even though you disable the radio's internal keyer and only drive connector tip and ring, it's recommended to still use a stereo connector at the radio.

Stereo 1/8" plug to dual RCA plug cables are very common and can be puchased for a low cost. If your radio has an 1/8" key jack, that's all you need. Just tape or snip off the unused RCA plug. If your radio has a 1/4" jack, Hosa makes a nice cable, reference the link on the left.

Alternate solution, use an RCA to RCA cable with a stereo RCA to 1/4" adapter. Only the connection to the 1/4" tip is used.

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