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Steve Elliott K1EL

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Art Hambleton K1BX

Do you ship user manuals with orders ?
To reduce costs and keep kit prices low, we ask customers to please download the latest manuals from the appropriate product section.

Can you send me the source code to one of your ICs ?
We are going against the tide in open sourcin, but since we depend on sales to keep us going, we aren't giving out the source to most of our ICs. The K8 and Kswitch are in the public domain, and we will offer more as sales of a particular item fall off. Our strategy has always been to offer kits at the lowest price possible. The API to Winkeyer is in the public domain and anyone can write an interface to it. We give away free applications and also the source code to the WK DLL and test application.

How come you didn't acknowledge my PayPal payment right away ?
We do our best to answer emails and payments, but sometimes we just don't have time to answer promptly. If you received an acknowledgement from PayPal that means we did also.

Do you accept bank transfers or Western Union ?
Yes, please email us and we can supply the bank routing information. Depending on which country you are initiating the transfer from, there may be an additional charge to cover a bank transfer fee. If you can, please use PayPal (it's international now) or send a check or money order drawn on a US bank. Western Union works also.

How come you never answered my email ?
Regrettably this happens once in a while. We can't always answer emails from work so they have to wait till I get home. The easy ones I answer right away, the difficult ones I get to when I get extra time. Sometimes they end up in email limbo. The best way to ask a question is to post it on the K1EL Newsgroup. Then either I can answer it or someone else can pitch in.

Do you sell assembled kits ?
Sorry, we are not selling fully assembled kits at this time.

Do you sell enclosures for your kits ?
Currently we have enclosures for WKUSB, and K42, we are working on others.

I am having problems getting Winkey to work with a logging application that supports Winkey, can you help ?
First of all make sure your Winkey hardware is operating properly. Use my testbed software to help check it out. Obvious things to check are com port assignment and serial cable type. Once you have confirmed Winkey is working, next check with the software provider to make sure you have the app configured correctly. There are too many apps now for me to keep up. Most apps have a user email list that is invaluable for getting help.

I want to use Winkey with the new WhizBangLogger application but it doesn't support it. Can you help ?
The truth is that users have the most leverage in pushing application developers to adopt Winkey. If they believe that adding Winkey to their supported hardware list will increase sales and interest, they will do it.

What new kits are you working on ?
We are always working on new kits, problem is as the business has grown Steve doesn't get as much time to complete a kit as he used to. In addition we attemped several kits we had no business getting involved with that have been a terrible waste of time. We hope the 2016 will be a better year for new kit offerings. If you have any suggestions for kits you'd like to see, please let us know.

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