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I am sorry but I am not giving away source to my older keyers any longer. I have found several sites that have posted my keyer routines, header removed, without author's credit. That is theft and I will not allow it any longer. My decision is final.

All software on this page was written by Steve Elliott K1EL.

Copyright (C) 1998-2013  All rights reserved.

Permission is granted to use, modify, or redistribute this software so long as it is not sold or exploited for profit.


Since this software is in the public domain I am unable to provide support for it.

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K8 Keyer Source Code
For those of you who want to "roll your own" keyer, I have decided to put the PIC source for the K8 in the public domain. It will provide a good starting point for your own design and also show how much of a challenge it is to cram lots of functionality into the smaller PIC chips. Information is provided in this MPASM file that tells you how to customize it with your callsign and settings. This version is for the PIC12C509A. Please refer to the K8 Manual for more information.

Download Ian Wilson's K3IMW's 16F84A version of the K8    

K9 Keyer Source Code
Here's the source code to another keyer design that I used to sell lots of 6 or 7 years ago.  The K9 is an improvement of the K8 design, streamlined for faster operation.  This version is for the PIC12C509A.  Please refer to the K9 Manual for more information.

GSxtal Source Code
Another source code freebie to experimenters. GSXTAL is a crystal tester that can be used to determine the frequency of a crystal or to screen crystals by comparing them to a reference. Crystals can be screened in three ranges: 5, 10, and 20 Hz and displayed on either an LCD or LED bar graph display. See the GSxtal manual for more information. This version is for the PIC16C505 but could easily be ported to a different PIC.

Kswitch Source Code
This is a product that I have discontinued and have decided to offer the source code to experimenters. Kswitch is a frequency range decoder. Please refer to the Kswitch manual for more information. This version is for the PIC12F509. - Mouse to Morse v1.5
Morse Code PC Interface
Is an application for sight impaired persons who would like a simple and inexpensive means of interactively reading a computer text display without disrupting the application they are running. It was written by me at the request of a friend of mine who finds it very useful and easy to use. - Mouse to Morse TNC v1.9
Morse Code Packet Interface
This MSDOS application allows a blind or deaf blind ham to operate amateur packet radio. Due to the nature of packet radio, data throughput is quite slow and can be read via Morse code.  It runs on any MSDOS platform and requires only a Microsoft compatible mouse. It can be configured to run on any serial port with any TAPR style packet TNC and is a very practical means for handicapped persons to access the world of VHF packet radio.

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