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This is the source page for Winkeyer Software. Check out the column on the left, it's a list of all the full scale logging and/or contest programs that support Winkeyer. If you know of one that 's not on the list please let us  know. Below is a list Winkeyer software written and maintained by Steve, K1EL. Remember to read the licensing agreement when installing any of these. There are two sets of applications one for keyers that use the Winkeyer3 IC and the other for keyers tha use the Winkeyer2 IC. Please do not use Winkeyer2 apps with Winkeyer3 ICs.

WinKeyer3 Applications
These are apps written specifically for Winkeyer3 by Steve K1EL

WinKeyer2 Applications
These are apps written specifically for Winkeyer2 by Steve K1EL

3rd Party Winkeyer Software

We have a separate webpage devoted to others who have written dedicated software that interfaces to Winkeyer. If you have written a Winkeyer application that you would like to share with others, please let us know so we can post it.

WinKeyer Supporters

WinKeyer Supporters

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