Special Parts and Kit Offers
Limited Quantities ! If you see something you would like, order it now !
Original K40 Bare Bones Kit - $22
Supply the missing parts and you can have a classic K40 !

Included: K40 PCB, K40 PIC chipset, 24LC32A memory IC, AT keyboard connector, rotary encoder (not shown) and a SIP resistor network. More information about the K40 and it capabilities can be found on the K40 Web Page.

openQRP Partial Kit - $99
We have a few partial radio kits including enclosures.
email k1elsystems@gmail.com for ordering information
see www.openqrp.org for info about the project.
K42 REV B UPGRADE Kit - $12

We still have a few upgrade kits left for the old K42 Rev B kits. The kit includes a backlit LCD display, new display header connector, spacers, and new PSoC IC which improves the CWR reader. The upgrade procedure is not easy, please review the K42 Rev B Upgrade Guide before ordering to make sure you are up to the task.

K42 Rev B Update Guide

K40 LCD Display

16 character by 2 line LCD display with backlight. Fits K40 enclosure perfectly.
These are 100% functional used Optrex displays, not surplus, or factory seconds.

K40 LCD Display
for Repair - $15

Original WK V10 assembled boards

I uncovered some of the original serial Winkeyers that are assembled and tested, ready to go. I am pricing these to sell, sorry we will ship these to US addresses only.

WK V10 Web Page
$20 ship to USA only
Sorry sold out

Original WK V10 enclosure bottoms

I also uncovered some of the original serial Winkeyer enclosure bottoms. These have holes cut for the serial D connector and also holes for key/ptt output and paddle input connectors. There is enough room to place a small speed pot if desired. Shown is the current Winkeyer2 serial board in this enclosure.

USB to PS2 Adapter - $3
This adapter allows you to plug a USB keyboard into a K42.
We have tested this with a great number of USB keyboards and found it to work well.
Sorry we can't ship this outside the USA.

Shown with WK3 Serial Board (not included)