• Ideal for embedding in a QRP rig
  • or Bulid your own mini-keyer
  • Single Sided PCB
  • Silkscreen Legend
  • Soldermask on bottom
  • Accepts either K-10, K-10+, or K12
  • Open Collector Key Output
  • Four Message Pushbutton Circuit
  • Direct 8 ohm speaker output
  • Low level sideton for AF injection
  • Bypass caps on all I/O
  • On-Board 5 volt regulator
  • Four mounting holes
  • Size: 1.4 by 1.5 inches
  • Kit with parts available

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We have had many requests for a small keyer kit that can be embedded in a QRP transceiver or tiny enclosure. In response, we redesigned the original K-PCB board. The new board is high quality and easy to solder. It has four mounting holes which allow many building options. The K-PCB includes all the basics and works with either the K10+ or K12 Keyer IC. Included are a speaker driver circuit, low level sidetone output, four message pushbutton interface, on board voltage regulator, and an open collector keying output. We are offering a K-PCB kit that includes a PC board, all board mounted parts, including an LDO 5V regulator, and your choice of a K10+ or K12 for only $10. This is practically a giveaway !
K-PCB Kit w/K10+
K-PCB Kit w/K12

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