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Current K42 Revision is AAA
K42 Base Features

K42 CW Reader Video

CW Reader Features

  • IBM PS/2 Keyboard Interface
  • 5 - 120 WPM CW Transmit
  • Adjustable sidetone frequency
  • Iambic keyer w/autospace
  • Farnsworth spacing
  • Adjustable weighting
  • Keying Compensation
  • First dit/dah compensation
  • Optically Isolated HV Outputs
  • Adjustable PTT delay
  • 2048 byte message memory
  • 12 memory slots
  • Buffers can be chained, called, or repeated
  • Programmable beacon delay
  • K1EL CW command language
  • 200 character type ahead
  • HSCW and QRSS Tx support
  • Serial number generator
  • Keyboard key paddle
  • Custom Prosigns
  • European character support
  • Extensive RFI filtering
  • 16 character by 2 line LCD
  • Rotary Encoder speed control

  • Automatic speed locking from 10 WPM to 40+ WPM
  • 8 Pole Bandpass AF filter
  • Fixed lock frequency at 690 Hz
  • Adjustable inter-letter spacing
  • Adjustable Gain and Noise Filtering
  • 6 element LED tuning display

This is a quick demo of the K42's CW reader. The filtering and gain distribution of the CW decoder is greatly improved over the K40. In addition the tuning display is now logarithmically scaled to provide better sensitivity for weak signals. The left most LED is an overload indication, if this LED lights, either the input amplitude or the CWR gain is set too high. The K42 display is not backit but the background is highly reflective. I find it easy to read in moderate lighting, and it draws much less current than the K40.

This demo is from a CW contest on 40 meters. What I wanted to illustrate here is the CWR's immunity to adjacent signals. Only the station tuned in is copied, unfortunately the station W4PM is working is too weak to be heard. The frame rate doesn't show the response of the LEDs too well, they are actually very quick in real life. The stray Es and Is are due to background band noise. If I had turned up the CWR's built in noise filter these would have been reduced or eliminated.
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