• Three applications in one
  • WKterm, a Winkeyer User Interface
  • WKlog, a bare bones logger
  • WKpractice, Morse CW Tutor
  • Works with WK1 or WK2
  • Serial or USB Port
  • Small Size
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Winkeyer2 Revision is 2.2
Winkeyer2 Features

This application was originally written for the Pocket PC and a version is available although support for it has been discontinued due to lack of interest. It is designed to occupy a small amount of screen space and has seveal different screens that are displayed depending on the mode you are running in. The main app is a WinKeyer interface providing configuration control, messages, and a CW keyboard. The practice screen has many options for generating useful Morse patterns and allows concentration on patterns. Finally a mini- logging screen allows you to add contacts and look for dupes or search back for particular callsigns. The resulting log file is saved on disk in text format which can me printed or loaded into other applications like Excel.

This application has not been kept up to date and may or may not work in Windows versions 7 and 8.

Download Winkeyer2  2.2                    Download Winkeyer2  2.1
For Microsoft Windows                                            For Pocket PC  (PPC)

Winkeyer2 Application

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