• User specified Com port
  • Works with WKserial or WKUSB
  • Speed Pot interface
  • Mode Register Control
  • Keyer Mode Selection
  • Control over all customization options
  • Sidetone Frequency Control
  • WK status indicators
  • Connection debug messages
  • Clear, Tune, and Pause Controls
  • Software dit and dah controls
  • Special Debug Menu
  • Key Port Output Control
  • Keyer Stress Testing
  • Random Character Generator
  • CW Keyboard with Echo Display
  • Four Editable Messages
  • Runs under Win98, WinXP, Vista
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Current WKtest Revision is 3.2
WKtest Features

WKtest was the first diagnostic tool offered by K1EL for testing WK hardware. It has been replaced by WKdemo which is a much improved application. You can still download it and use it but we no longer provide support for WKtest.

Download WKtest 3.2
For Microsoft Windows

WKtest Application (No Longer Supported, please use WKdemo)

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