• 1200 Baud Serial Interface
  • 5 - 99 WPM
  • Adjustable sidetone frequency
  • Iambic A/B or Ultimatic keyer
  • Autospace
  • Farnsworth spacing
  • Adjustable weighting
  • Keying Compensation
  • First dit/dah compensation
  • Two output ports
  • PTT output w/adjustable delay
  • Standalone keyer mode
  • Six message pushbuttons
  • Low power standby
  • Separate Dit/Dah inputs
  • USB support
  • HSCW & QRSS Support
  • Serial number generator
  • Keyboard key paddle
  • Custom Prosigns
  • Paddle only Sidetone
  • Potentiometer speed control
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Winkeyer2 - v22 Second Generation Winkeyer
this version has been replaced by version 2.3

Winkeyer1 generated a large following and we decided to offer an improved version. We have addressed many of the limitations of the original Winkey and have added lots of new features and capabilities. The new WK2 IC is in a 14 pin DIP package which allows a dedicated sidetone pin, two key outputs, and two PTT outputs. This eliminates the output pin sharing of WK1. We now have separate left and right paddle inputs to eliminate problems with certain paddle sets. Unlike WK1, WK2 was designed to support standalone operation and it is really two keyers in one. Up to six message pushbuttons are supported which can work in host or standalone modes. The new WK chip has a power down mode so that it draws less than a microamp on standby. This means it will run in standalone mode on battery power for a very long time. A brief list of features is listed on the left, for full information download the WK2 manual.

Current Winkey2 Revision is V23
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Standard 14 pin PDIP
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