• Speed range: 5 - 59 WPM
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Current PNC1 Revision is 1.3
PNC1 Features

The PNC1 Project started in Summer 2006. My goal was to design a basic QRP Transceiver using FreeWare tools that are easily downloadable from the Internet. The goal grew as time went on to the point where PNC1 is much more than a basic transceiver.

Over the next week I will post the design files and pictures of PNC1. If there is enough interest I may offer PNC1 as a kit.
PNC1 Documents

K1EL PNC1 QRP Transceiver
Completed PNC1 PC Board
Design Analysis Using SPICE
Design Analysis Using SPICE
Schematic Capture using TinyCAD
PCB Layout using FreePCB
PCB verification using GC Prevue
Completed PC Layout
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