• Sturdy Aluminum Sheet Metal Construction
  • Prepunched for LCD display and rear panel connectors
  • Mounting studs inside for K40 PCB, Optrex LCD, and optional RTTY PCB
  • Black texture paint
  • White silkscreen
  • RCA and Power jacks, knob, wire, hardware, and rubber feet included in kit
  • Assembly guide can be downloaded from link below
  • 5"W x 4"D x 2.5"H approx.
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K40 Enclosure

K40 Enclosure Kit - Sold Out

K40 Enclosure Documents

K40 Enclosure Kits - $29 USD each

K40 enclosures are in and we are now shipping enclosure kits for $29. The enclosure is made of aluminum sheet metal and is texture painted and silkscreened. It has mounting locations for the K40 PCB and our LCD display. Included in the enclosure kit are all connectors, hardware, wire and a knob for the speed control. All you need to do is mount the components, wire them up and it's complete.
Sorry, K40 Enclosures are sold out and discontinued.
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